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The Types of Pruning We Offer

There are a range of pruning services on offer at Claxton Tree and Landscape Care. The type of pruning you need will vary depending on your personal situation. Many urban homes owners are required by their council to prune their trees periodically so as to ensure public safety and keep the area looking neat and tidy. Our local Auckland tree pruning specialists, understand these requirements and are accustomed to working within the Auckland council directives.

Types of pruning options.

  • Seasonal or periodic pruning of trees can ensure the tree remains healthy while maintaining an attractive look, staying off walkways, and away from power lines.
  • Where allowed, view restoration pruning keeps those pesky branches out of your vista without compromising the aesthetic of the tree..
  • Ornamental pruning for when the corrective pruning has already taken care of the big work and only visual appeal needs tending.
  • We also offer tree, hedge, and palm services.
Auckland Hedge Trimming Service, hedge care and hedge trimmers

For more information on these tree services (including stump removal, hedge trimming, tree removal, and emergency call outs) please check out our services page.

Why do I need tree pruning specialists?

Tree pruning might seem like a simple thing, but pruning done badly can be visually unattractive, dangerous to complete, and can negatively affect the health of the tree. When you hire a tree pruning specialist you are getting someone who has training, experience, and relevant expertise in completing your pruning job safely.

Arboriculture is the practice of maintaining and caring for individual trees, this can include pruning and removal of invasive specimens like mistletoe. It is often referred to as a science, an art, and a trade as it is a delicate combination of all three. Knowing when to cut, when not to, doing this in both a way that maintains the health and beauty of the tree in question.

Pruning trees without training and expertise can be dangerous. Not only for the person who has climbed the tree to complete the pruning but also for the owner’s property. Knowing which limbs to cut, and in what order, as well as knowing how to tie and secure branches is vital to ensure that the falling limbs don’t land on anyone, or anything.

When it comes to tree pruning specialists, Auckland residents trust Claxton Tree and Landscape Care for their pruning and other garden maintenance needs.

Are there tree pruning specialists in Auckland who can do espalier pruning?

Yes! We can cut and train branches specially to grow along a trellis, against walls, or fences. There are a number of reasons for espalier pruning. The most common these days is to achieve a specific aesthetic visual as the results can be beautiful. However, fruit bearing trees like apples and pears are often treated this way to maximise space and ease of fruit picking. This can also sort inner city gardens and smaller places.

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Our team works throughout the greater Auckland region and we’re happy to roam further afield by arrangement. We have the expertise, the team, the vehicles and the equipment to make the most difficult tasks achievable. Safety is an absolute priority, not only for the way our crews operate, but for your home, you and your family as our clients, and the general public around our worksites.

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