What should a hedge trimming service cost?

A hedge trimming service cost will depend on several variables. It is difficult to give a broad estimate for hedge cutting prices per metre because each hedge is different. We have to take into consideration the height of your hedge, the position, does the accessibility require additional hand-held trimming in addition to mechanical trimming?

How can I see your hedge trimming service cost? 

While we don’t provide general hedge trimming prices per metre, you can get in touch for a free and no-obligation quote. Your hedge trimming cost will be provided directly to you based on your circumstances. This way you know you’ll be getting a personalised hedge trimming service cost; you won’t be paying for things you don’t need! 



What is included in your hedge trimming service cost?


Everything is itemised in a quote. When we talk through your hedge trimming service cost, we will take into account how many people need to work on the project, how many hours it will take, etc. We love to personalise jobs – we can take all of these things into consideration when crafting your quote. 


The hedge cutting machines we use to mulch the cuttings so small. We take all our cuttings with us – leaving your roadside and garden clean and free from hedge debris! 


So – get in touch today and let’s have a chat about exactly what you need to be done!

hedge trimming service cost

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