Our services

A Brief Guide to Some of Our Services.

Corrective Pruning

Our most requested service involves the periodic or seasonal removal of new or existing plant parts. Aside from the benefits of improved appearance, corrective pruning also greatly improves the structural integrity of any tree or plant. Eliminating weak or damaged branches directs energy towards growth in the remaining branches. This helps the plant maintain a desirable natural shape and enhance the beauty and health of your overall landscape.

Ornamental Pruning

When corrective pruning has already been performed on a plant or tree, just light ornamental pruning is required to retain the plant’s aesthetic appeal. Ornamental pruning can also include specialist work like ‘espalier pruning’ which involves the cutting and training of branches on plants or trees set against a wall, fence or trellis.

Tree Removal

On occasions a tree’s problems are so advanced that they can no longer be treated or corrected. When this happens they can become, not only unsightly, but hazardous. Also, trees can either outgrow their location, or become no longer appropriate to their environment. Whatever the reason - Tree Removal is a specialist job, requiring specialist equipment and an emphasis on safety.

Emergency Call Out

We offer a 24 hour emergency call out service. In the event of a storm, accident or incident where fallen or damaged trees pose a risk to people or property, or block access to your home, our team will safely secure the scene and minimise the likelihood of further damage.

Need Garden Mulch

Fresh garden mulch is a product of the work we do every day. For practical reasons, we only sell by the truckload (8 cubic metres) so please call 0800 CLAXTON (252986) if you need some. You’ll love our price…

View Restoration

Vista Pruning reduces, raises or thins a tree’s canopy with the object of restoring or emphasising a property’s view. Part Science, Part Artistry – our View Restoration service can dramatically improve both the aesthetic appeal and value of your property.

Hedge Trimming

Shearing or removing a portion of the current years growth once or twice a year gives your hedge that prized formal, structural appearance. Correct hedge trimming helps eliminate unsightly holes in your hedge by concentrating foliage growth on the perimeter of the plant.

Palm Canopy Care

Many palms naturally produce large dead leaf bases. This provides a wonderful habitat for birds, rodents and pests. Palms also often produce fruit or spikey leaves. All of these troublesome problems are attended to and reduced by our canopy care programme.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed, the unsightly remaining stump needs to be removed as it would be a lasting impediment to perfecting that portion of your garden. No matter the size, stump grinding is the fastest and most efficient way to remove any stump from your garden. Once removed, that part of your garden can be put to good use again.